Corporate Insurance


Risk management on operational activity in the energy field has very high risks. Thus, the product of energy insurance will be the best solution to minimalize the financial impact of your company in the future.

Energy Insurance

Operational activities in the energy sector have a high level of risk. It is because any losses give a big impact on financial losses. Therefore, we are here to offer you something that will provide maximum and comprehensive protection that may occur in the future.

Provided Protection

Offshore and Onshore Energy Insurance gives guarantee protection in four important points, which are onshore property, offshore property, well control, and engine and airplane frame. This is the detail information for each of the protections provided by Tugu Insurance:

  • Onshore Property

Onshore Property Insurance will protect all of the insured property. Coverage with extended warranties is also provided for:

    • Office Contents Endorsement
    • Riots, Strikes, and Malicious Damage Endorsement 4..1a (including Civil Commotion)
  • Offshore Property

The protection guarantee is given for all offshore property, including the expansion of the Drilling Equipment Including Rigs guarantee.

  • Well Control

Well Control Insurance will provide the compensation cost for repairs. Therefore, the Insured have control of the insured well. Coverage with extended warranties is also provided for:

    • Underground Control of Well Endorsement
    • Making Wells Safe Endorsement
    • Extended Re-drilling and Restoration Cost Endorsement
    • Evacuation Expenses Endorsement
    • Care, Custody, and Control Endorsement
  • Engine and Airplane Frame

The protection guarantee is given for the engine and airplane frame. Therefore, the operational activities in the energy sector can run well. The Insured also don’t have to provide more budgets for maintenance and repair cost if there is damage.

Companies Who Needs This Insurance:

  • Oil and gas exploitation company
  • Oil and gas transmission and distribution company
  • Electricity generation company
  • Oil/gas/ geothermal well drilling services company

Excluded Risks

  • War, Civil War, Sabotage And Terrorism
  • Radioactive Contamination, Chemical Biological, Bio-Chemical And Electromagnetic Weapons
  • Cyber Attack

Further information about these will be stated in the policy provisions.