Corporate Insurance


Through Health Insurance products, Tugu Insurance provides the best health insurance protection for your employees and their families.

Health Insurance

Tugu Insurance Health Insurance (THIS) is a health insurance program for commercial aimed at groups/companies’ employees. After paying for 1-year premium, the Company provides the maximum benefits of the ‘THIS’ program in the form of medical benefits according to the type and amount of health insurance benefits contained in the list of benefits for the risks guaranteed in the policy. As BPJS Health operates, the Company offers coordination of benefits, premiums, membership data, claims / financial data, administration, information system and socialization so that employees can get the best service and maximum benefits.

Health insurance programs available:

1. Guaranteed Hospital and Surgical Care (Inpatient)
2. Outpatient Guarantee
3. Maternity Care Guarantee
4. Dental Care Guarantee
5. Guarantee Glasses

The benefits of using TUGU-Health:

1. Freedom to use service providers.

2. There are no territorial and time restrictions.

3. Independent health services.

4. Ease of adding hospital providers.

5. The claim payment system in the form of:


Payment Replacement
Participants pay in advance all medical costs at service providers outside the hospital, clinic and Tugu Insurance Pharmacy network.

Non Cash
Simply by showing a card, participants can immediately get the treatment without paying in advance, as long as care and treatment are carried out in the network of Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacy Insurance.


The excess costs (excess) are guaranteed in advance.

• A waiting period is abolished.

• Pre-existing Conditions are immediately guaranteed.

• 24-hour integrated claim service.

• Reports on the use of complete claims required by the company.

Co-Branding with BPJS

1. Hospital Cash Plan

Cash compensation in accordance with the participants’ room benefits.

2. Substitute Excess:

a. BPJS as the first guarantor for health facilities.

BPJS only guarantees according to the participant’s room class rights if there are excess costs to be paid back to the insurance party.

b. Health Insurance as the first guarantor for health facilities with a co-branding card. This is so that the Insurance can guarantee if there is a service person at the Hospital.