Corporate Insurance


Tugu Insurance offers various insurance products that have not been included in others, starting from third party demands to vehicle loss.

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance provides a feeling of safe and comfortable to all employees and their families who work directly with the Insured if they suffer bodily injuries or passed away due to accidents arising from and during their employment relationship with the Insured and the Insured must pay compensation for such injuries based on the provision of the Act or Applicable Law.

Everyone must agree that the rights of workers to obtain work accident protection are compulsory and non-negotiable. The Act also requires that at least for the minimum amount of protection as stipulated in the Work Accident Act.

In general, the types of insurance that cover workers from work accidents are:

  • Medical Expenses;
  • Compensation for Permanent Disability (Disablement);
  • Compensation for Accidental Death.

Therefore, this insurance product provides a solution against risks that might be happened to the workers.

Insurance Coverage

If at any time during the Insured Period every employee who works directly with the Insured suffers bodily injury or dies as a result of an accident arising from and during conducting the Insured Business and the Insured is obliged to pay compensation for the injury or death under the applicable law, then the Insurer will compensate to the Insured for all amounts that become the responsibility of the Insured in a single payment (lump sum) as stipulated in the applicable law and all fees and charges which have been paid on consent in order to defend against any claims filed for the compensation.

Pertamina Benefits

  • The death benefit is calculated based on the full salary received for 72 (seventy-two) months.
  • Funeral cost up to USD 1,500
  • Permanent Disability will be converted into 2 months payments and paid at once. The calculation will be done based on PP no. 76/2007 & PP No. 44/2015.
  • Temporal Disability is paid as follows:
    • For the first 18 months: 100% from the total of remuneration;
    • After 18 months to a maximum of 24 months: 50% from the total of remuneration.

Medical Expense: maximum of USD 10.000.

Benefit Provision for Local and Foreign Workers:

Local Worker: above JAMSOSTEK/BPJS Ketenagakerjaan to the limit of Pertamina Benefit.


Foreign Worker: Full coverage of Pertamina Benefit


A company that can use the product: is a company engaged in the Goods & Services industry.


Excluded Risks:

  • Any injuries caused by accidents that are directly or indirectly caused by war, invasion, acts of hostility from foreign nations, acts of attack (whether declared war or not), civil war, rebellion, riots, violent upheaval, revolution, seizure of power by military force or seizure of power by force, strikes, prohibition of work by laborers, labor disturbance, riots, chaos, acts of sabotage or terror and evil deeds;
  • Any obligations that are owned by the Insured, that inherent on an Agreement exclude the obligations that are not inherent, does not exist.
  • Any amount entitled to be obtained by the Insured from any party except for the Agreement between the Insured and the party;
  • Accidents that occur during travel by air other than as passengers on regular flights;
  • Any temporary defects up to 3 days after the accident;
  • Any employee who is not a ‘worker’ in the legal sense;
  • Any benefits that are not mentioned in the specifications: “Pertamina Benefits – Additional Clauses”;
  • Every disease as referred to in Article 2 on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 22 of 1993;
  • This policy does not guarantee death, injury, loss, damage caused by or arising from diving activities.

Further information about the excluded risk is mentioned on the policy provisions.